Ieva Sakalauskaitė

I have been a teaching assistant/instructor for the following courses:

Graduate, University of Amsterdam:

Commercial Banking, teaching assistant to Razvan Vlahu and/or Tanju Yorulmazer (fall 2013, fall 2014, fall 2015)

Banking, teaching assistant to Tanju Yorulmazer (fall 2016, fall 2017)

International Corporate Finance, instructor(spring 2017)

Undergraduate, University of Amsterdam:

Finance, lecturer and instructor (spring 2017)

Graduate, Tinbergen Institute:

Banking, teaching assistant to Prof. Enrico Perotti (fall 2013)

Institutions and Financial Structure, teaching assistant to Prof. Enrico Perotti (spring 2014, spring 2015, spring 2016)

Contract Theory, teaching assistant to Prof. Randolph Sloof (spring 2013)